Brexit: Were Millennials heard at all?

On Thursday the 23rd of June 2016, I went to bed feeling confident. All the forecasts and even the markets led to believe that the UK was going to remain in the European Union (EU). Little I knew that I would wake up to – what felt – like a new country to me.

I woke up before my alarm went off and checked my phone as I usually do. Except this time I had messages and notifications from the BBC saying that the UK had voted ‘Leave’. On the news, the markets were going down and the politicians seemed lost while giving their speeches meant to reassure the World (except for Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland – who knew exactly what she was saying and was ready for the next steps to be undertaken by and for her country).

After watching the news, I wanted to know what the people had to say, and what better place than Facebook (most of my friends are Europeans but non-British on this social media) to do so?

The majority of the people were furious! The European ones because they felt unwanted and confused (for a lot of us the UK has always been a place where we’ve felt welcomed and at home). The British ones because that’s not what they had voted for, 75 percent of people aged between 18 and 24 voted for Remain.

Who voted for ‘Leave’ then? According to YouGov over 50’s did, resulting in a longer lasting impact on young people than on themselves. The population in its 50’s and over, had the options of free higher education and free travelling, amongst other benefits while being part of the EU. The Baby Boomers and older generations may have taken away those possibilities and rights from their children and grandchildren. However, this is not the first time Baby Boomers and older generations are being self-centered. They were the creators of a financial crash in the economy where their children and grandchildren were only just becoming active participants in. I am not in my 30’s yet and I will have seen two recessions…

When are we, Millennials, going to be heard and taken seriously? We are the future leaders, but with the examples we are given, I fear for our generation and the ones to follow.


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